Purina® Wind and Rain® Sheep Mineral


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Purina® Wind and Rain® Sheep Mineral is formulated with our patented and proven Wind and Rain® technology to help reduce clumping, therefore reducing waste while saving you time and money. Now contains Availa® zinc and manganese to support hoof health and reproductive efficiency.

Life Stage

  • Mature Ewes
  • Rams
  • Young / Growing Lambs


  • Commercial


  • Mineral

Wind and Rain® technology

Patented process results in reduced clumping and waste

Availa® zinc and manganese

Supports hoof health and reproductive efficiency

High in calcium

Reduces the risk of milk fever, ketosis and aids in parturition success

High in trace minerals

Meets and exceeds nutrient requirements of high producing ewes


Optimum intake is just 1 ounce per head per day

Added vitamin E, selenium and iodine

Antioxidants to support overall immune function

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