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    Durasole is an aldehyde-based sole dressing formulated to harden the equine exfoliating sole and frog.  It is extremely effective in enhancing the protective capabilities of those structures and does not affect the proximal sensitive sole or frog.  Durasole works by swelling and thickening  the cell membranes of the exfoliating sole, not by coating the sole with impermeable oils. Durasole does not contain copper napthenate or any essential oils. Because of its unique formulation, Durasole can be used for extended periods of time on chronically thin-soled horses without fear of drying out the foot as it does not compromise the moisture balance of the foot when used as directed. Durasole creates a tough, natural, pad between your horse's sensitive sole and the world's often hostile environment.


  We believe Durasole to be the most effective sole dressing on the market. Since 1978, Durasole has been one of the best-kept secrets in the horse world. Distributed primarily through farrier and veterinary suppliers, Durasole has been used extensively and successfully on equine athletes engaged in strenuous activities over difficult terrain.  Used and recommended by many knowledgeable farriers and veterinarians, Durasole has helped keep horses sound everywhere from race tracks, show rings and event courses to rodeo arenas, endurance trails and polo fields:  the product is literally without peer. Durasole is highly concentrated and formulated to be used in small quantities. A few drops of Durasole on your horse's sole can make a big difference to your horse.


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