Bluebonnet Equilene® Pelleted

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Equilene Pelleted feed is ideal for growth, performance, breeding, and maintenance horses aged from yearlings to seniors. This specialize formula contains low starch and sugar levels and is fortified with prebiotics and probiotics which allows for safer and more complete utilization of the feed and forage. The added 7% fat level supplies “Cool Energy” calories for high performance and excellent appearance.

  • Bluebonnet “Safe Carb” formula contains lower carbohydrate and starch levels.
  • Contains “Cool Energy” calories from 7% vegetable fat rich in Omega fatty acids.
  • “True Name” ingredient listing shows the specific names of the ingredients in this feed.
  • Probiotics and Yeast Culture included for maximum nutrient utilization and safety.
  • Critical amino acids, trace minerals and vitamin levels, including Biotin, are guaranteed.
  • Appropriate ingredient tests for aflatoxins and specific mycotoxin levels are performed.

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