AgriLabs Respond® Paste With Zymace® (300 ml)


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Maximize production efficiency while enhancing animal health, heard vitality, and efficient feed conversion during times of stress with Respond Paste with Zymace. Respond is a unique formulation of chelated minerals, probiotics, vitamins, essential oils, and Aspergillus oryzae that aids digestion and appetite. It helps to stimulate appetite, increases rumen bacteria and fungi, and works in conjunction with antibiotics.

The direct results of stress during calving, weaning, processing, shipping, dietary changes, and environment are reduced intakes of feed and water, which significantly decreases the rumen's fermentation processes and capacity. Respond maintains its effectiveness, even when used with antibiotics.

Clinical studies have proven feeding Aspergillus oryzae fermentation products stimulates the animal's appetite, especially during times of low feed intake.

When combined with strategic vitamins & minerals, Zymace

  • Improves rumen fermentation processes & capacity
  • Increases essential microbial quantities & activity
  • Enhances & promotes improved digestion
  • Increases dry matter intake
  • Boosts immune function & well-being
  • Improves weight gain potential & shrink recovery

Respond with Zymace contains thoroughly researched and clinically proven ingredients to provide a balanced mineral and vitamin paste utilizing the finest chelated trace minerals. Chelated minerals are absorbed intact so the mineral is protected until it is absorbed into the intestinal tissue. It also includes the addition of essential oil compounds (e.g. oregano) that provides additional stress relief and helps maintain high production parameters in cattle.

In comprehensive trials studying the effects of Aspergillus oryzae (AO) in both lactation performance and digestibility in cattle and dairy cows

  • Animal productivity & performance was improved
  • Supplemental AO increased milk yield in lactating dairy cows
  • Beef cattle showed increased average daily gain (ADG)
  • Weight gain improvement was primarily mediated through increased dry matter intake (DMI)
  • Animals showed higher weight gain
  • AO enhanced & promotes digestion

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